Friday, October 28, 2005

Living Taxonomy Project

The Distance Education Course Taxonomy has been catalogued by
Living Taxonomy Project (LTP)
...though its structure differs from most of their other entries. The LTP is an ambitious project; note the following from their Web site:

"The Living Taxonomy Project is a collaborative effort aimed at creating a global set of open source, standards-based taxonomies for education..."

"In higher education, instructors and institutions are driving down the costs of textbooks by substituting their own digital learning materials. These materials are not only being shared across a given institution, they are also being placed in global learning repositories for evaluation and use by others. Finally, online learning is the fastest growing segment of the education market and its success is dependent directly on the ability to create collections of learning content that adhere to course structures that are also part of an overarching discipline taxonomy. "

In other words, their contribution is to augment learning object repositories with an overarching organization scheme by discipline, rather than the LO content.